Meditation Using White Noise

Sound Meditation

Vince Migliore

There was a play and a movie in the 1960’s called “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!” That about summarizes the sentiment planet today – a feeling that events are becoming too much to handle. How do you get out of circus? Answer: Meditation.

The purpose of meditation is to still the mind so that spiritual influences can enter your consciousness.

Here is a relatively simple method of achieving that state using a steady sound. In this case I use white noise, which tends to block out other ambient sounds yet provides a reliable baseline for your focus. You can buy a white noise machine on the internet, or simply use radio static. I use a small fan.

  1. Start by relaxing the body in a position where you can remain comfortable for a long as you like. The ideal is to schedule this time for a period where you will not be interrupted. More practically, you can use it any time you have a quiet space in your busy life.

  2. Start breathing slowly as you focus on the sound. I like to imagine that the breath is coming in from the universe through my third eye and down to my heart. Then breath out again through the pineal gland area back into the cosmos.

  3. When starting out, I find it helpful to count each breath. Inevitably, your mind will lose focus when other thoughts intrude on your awareness. They call that loss of focus a “monkey mind” intrusion. If this happens start the count over and again direct your attention to the sound and breathing. At first you might reach a count of 7 or 8 breaths before you lose focus. With practice you’ll get up into the 20’s and eventually over 100 breaths. At this point you can do away with the counting and perhaps just look at the clock afterwards to see how many minutes you were ‘out.’

  4. During this process several things might happen. You may see faces in your mind’s eye; you might hear voices, or get mental messages. You may feel a glow that is not associated with the body, but rather an ethereal awareness. This is the beginning of the benefit to your awakening. Even if nothing happens it’s still a progression to the mental discipline required to reach the altered states that are so helpful on the path to enlightenment.

  5. During the events that you experience there are variations you can choose in your practice. I generally make a quick mental note of any unusual or other-worldly sensations. When one of these spiritual events occurs, I make a quick mental note, usually one word or a phrase to summarize the nature of the download, then again return to the breathing and focus on the sound. Examples are “diet advice,” “forgive so-and-so,” or “walking in a garden.”

  6. When ready, slowly return to normal awareness, remembering the key words that came to you. This helps integrate your daily life with the spiritual world. Think about acting on the advice you received. I find it helpful to keep a spirit journal or diary.

  7. After you get this method into your daily routine, you will notice that every once in a while you get what many call a major “download.” That is, a clearly inspiring and uplifting insight, a transcendental expansion, or a more fulfilling, loving attitude in your awareness and in your path on the material level.

  8. The payoff, the reward of all this is the ending of duality. Now your ordinary waking life and your spiritual mission begin to merge. You are bringing Heaven to Earth. Isn’t that what you were looking for?

  9. The road forward is of your own making. You will probably alter and modify your meditation practices to fit your individual needs. You might substitute soft music for the white noise, or use candles or incense to help you quiet the mind. Hopefully, then, you write your own articles on meditation and spiritual blessing. Namaste!

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Vince Migliore is a writer, researcher. He is author of 11 books and dozens of magazine articles, essays, and web content papers on spiritual matters.

Author: spiri896

I guess I think of myself as an Aquarian, having always resonated to the song words "This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!" I always felt I was just visiting this planet and just recently heard the term Starseed, which seems to resonate. I am a student of A Course in Miracles and The Urantia Book, among others. I feel in 2020, symbolic of clear vision, that we are entering the End Times, where the New Earth is emerging.

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