Dreams, June 2020

Dreams: June, 2020

June 2.

I’m arranging photos to make a video for posting on YouTube.

I have several pictures but strip it down to just two.

At least one of them is about Trump.

June 4.

I’m bending down to look under the outer boards of an old, broken-down barn or something. I see an old pair of my shoes in there, but I’m afraid to grab them because there may be vermin of some kind in there. Instead, I touch the shoes with a stick, and realized there’s no mice or anything around. I reach in a little deeper to see the inside of the barn. I a cat’s tail and some feet. I realize it’s a mother cat and two kittens, partially hidden by a paper bag. I feel so sorry for them, getting the feeling they are starving. I see the mother cat working an old piece of tar off the floor, just to have something to chew on. I weep for them.

I see two women. One is wearing a red dress and the other yellow dress. The two women look like the same person, but when one holds her arms out I see there’s just straw under the dress, not a real person. The other woman does the same, but she is real flesh and blood.

June 5.

I’m at a small-scale UFO conference. I want to leave for a moment to get lunch. As I walk out the door I see there’s a huge overflow crowd, a semi-circle of chairs listening to the conference on loudspeakers.

I go to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. They serve a huge plate of food that I am just picking at. I leave and go back to the outer conference area. I’m surprised to find my son in the audience. I feel a sense of wonder that he’s there.
“I didn’t know you were interested in this stuff!”
I tell him I have a huge plate of Chinese food if he wants it.
Instead he asks me to pick up his lunch order.
I go out to pick up his lunch and find myself in a big city, like New York City.
I have to get back to the conference. It seems I left my phone in my hotel room.
I cannot find my way back to the hotel. Maybe I could use Uber to drive me there.

I could just tell them the hotel name, but again remember I have no phone.

I get a feeling I simply have to spend the time I need to get back even if my son and the conference is waiting for me.

June 6.

There are two girls behind me on a crowded bus, chatting happily. Later one of them starts crying because her friend was sent back to Germany.

A car stops in from of me near my driveway. I get out and go into my garage. It’s a different house from mine. I see two different cars in the garage they are not mine nor my wife’s. Suddenly I realize I am dreaming, that this cannot be real.

June 7.

A man is trying to get his bond or contract re-instated. It seems there are three ways to do this. I feel for some reason he chooses the most difficult method. Not sure what the bond is or what the three processes are.

June 8.

Visiting a small town in suburbia. It seems like there is some kind of religious conference. John H. from my spiritual study group is there, and it feels like his name should be “John the Evangelist” or maybe John the Baptist, as he’s spreading the word across this area.
Now I am before some kind of council. They ask something like “How many acts of soul-saving have you performed recently?” I give a number for the week and say there were two today. One on the council probes further: “Even today while you were traveling?” I answer “Yes” because I spoke to two people at the last meeting.

As I tour the area I’m taking photographs of interesting things, like a truck with a sign that read (paraphrasing) “Built solid to stay strong.” The truck however is all dilapidated with flat tires, so the picture is ironic and funny. As I roam around I see C, my wife. She’s all in white garb and looking wonderful.

I go into a restaurant and a Chinese man is serving and he is wearing wolf-head like mask on the top of his head. I greet him with “Hello, Mr. Wolf!” It’s the second time I’ve been served a meal with the waiter wearing such a mask.

I see very tiny ants on a wall. I see larger ants eating the tiny ants. There’s a lady bug eating the tiny ones too. As I look closer I see the lady bug has a huge tongue and is licking up the ants.

(Note: For me this is often a sign of fighting a bug or infection. It may also be dietary advice.)

June 9.

Hypnagogic state: Idea to write little passages: “Little Lessons on Enlightenment.”

June 14, 2020.

A frisky, low-IQ fellow I used to work with has taken the deposit slips from my checkbook. I know you can sometimes use them to transform to a check, so I want them back. He’s elusive, though, and won’t give them to me.
We’re in a grade-school setting and he is a teacher.
I pull him aside and explain that it’s important to me and he finally gives them back.

I see a pen-pal friend of mine, a young woman. She is sitting on a bench as in school gym seating. The looks OK but is wincing in pain from a stomach ache. I wake up with a stomach ache myself.

16 June.

I’m in a room with CP, my ukulele teacher. We have events going on but she indicates I have time to visit a show in the next room. It’s a Chinese event. They have all sorts of things for sale and for show, but much of the merchandise is cheap, like paper products. I see a table with harmonicas on it, which looks interesting. I see tables full of sweets and junk food, like cupcakes and buns. One display has slices of apple pie, which I feel is a bit more wholesome, since it has real fruit in it. The case, however, seems to be the target of flies and I see a dead honeybee in the slice of pie.

I suspect this is dietary advice; too much sweets.

18 June.

I’m talking with some people in a work environment.
They are discussing elevators.

I tell them I once worked for Otic Elevator Company when I lived in New York.
I relate how one of the engineers was explaining how a “governor” works; if there is a failure of any kind, the spinning of the governor will grab the cable and prevent the cabin from falling down the shaft.

25 June

I’m in a bar in what seems like a foreign land. My family is with me in another room, seated at a dinner table. The host wants to do some tests before he serves me. I see he has swabs an medicines as if for a virus test. He seems young; acts like a doctor, but I suspect he’s too young, just pretending. He hands me something which I figure are pills, but when I look at them they are like tiny dice. It turns out they are acrylic advertising tokens or something. Either glass with engraving or acrylic. One drops on the floor. As I go to pick it up, I see all kinds of stones and thing that I collect as they might be valuable.

26 June

I’m in a prison with other inmates. It’s an odd arrangement on a hill side which seems both indoors and outdoors at the same time. I feel I can leave any time, but I have no shoes. My brother Joe once lived there and I am looking for a pair of his shoes so I can walk out. I find several shoes but none that match. Other inmates try to help, but I don’t think they have my interests in mind. It seems the more I look the fewer shoes I find. I’m thinking maybe I’ll just walk out in my socks.

I’m working on one of the wands I make for a hobby. This one is a dragon wand. I feel I should put three stones in the lower jawline in a triangle, with one at the tip. Or perhaps place the one at the tip on the upper jaw, like a small horn.

30 June, 2020.

I’m outside a house. It seems to be my childhood home on 4th Street, yet it feels like my brother Joe lives there. There are many children trapped in the basement. The usual staircase to the basement is blocked by stacks of files and boxes. Then I think I can get food to the children by going around to the window into the basement.