Dreams: April 2020

April 1.

In a park-like setting. I am by a driveway. I see my deceased brother JPM. He seems happy to see me.
I have a sense of urgency to get back to the airport to catch a plane. Now I see another brother, JM, also deceased.

April 4. (After global meditation.)

Some guys are creating a ruckus outside my window. They have a man tied up and are carrying him somewhere. I open the slide on the window and yell at the.
Then, two of them come into my back yard and threaten me. I want my wife to call 911, but there isn’t time. I decide to sit and face them.

There was a comedy show going on and the male star was drinking, so the female star left him. But now he’s singing and makes it clear that he been sober for a while. The girl hears him and they are re-united. Everyone is happy. I am weeping with joy. I say “I’m embarrassed to be seen crying.”

There is an amateur art show. A woman from my ukulele group has made a film and it shows fantastic creativity, mixing the film with an on-screen collage that moves. One on-screen portion shows a moving dark blob. I realize she created it in reverse, by cutting the edge of a big piece of paper from the outside in thin border cuts. Another she used a window in the screen to limit the size of the viewing area.

I see a Chinese man. He is immaculately dressed. He is with his son. The boy is covered with white foam, like shaving cream, and it seems the father is going to remake his image to be more good looking like himself. (Reminds me of “made in His image” from the Bible.)

April 5.

Visiting uncle Phil in Ohio. Me and others are running between his house and a garage or shop-like area not too far away. I am working on a rock in a vice. There is a white material that leaks onto the floor and it is gooey with black dots in it. I feel it’s toxic, yet I ignore it. I go back to Phil’s house. Other events too vague to recall.

I feel the white goo refers to the conona virus now spreading across the U.S.

April 6.

I’m in a big restaurant with long cafeteria style lines. I have just gotten some fried eggs and looking for other things to eat. The majority of the bins seem to be filled with bleached carbohydrates that all look the same, all without nutritional value. I eat the eggs and some carbs, but then a waiter puts a small salad bowl in front of me. This is better, but the green, leafy vegetables are wilted and useless. I wake up thinking this is a nudge to eat better foods, more greens in particular.

9 April.

I see a 4-legged stool. The bottom is being braced or repaired with horizontal boards to give it strength and stability.

11 April.

I’m at a gas station. The procedure to fill your car is different. You have to get a key from the attendant and pay in advance. A rude fellow cuts in front of me, but I still have access to my order. I start filling the tank and I see there are uncooked hash-brown potatoes stuck in the pipe. I can fill it with gas, but the hash-browns are floating around in it.

(Second dietary dream in the last month: Eating too many carbs, part of my “fuel.”)

12 April.

I’m talking with my brother John (dec.) and it turns out we are on an airplane.
He telling me, somewhat bragging, that he has a lot of clout, as he’s having relations with one of his coworkers on the plane. I meet the woman. She doesn’t seem to mind. Her brown hair starts to change; the curls on top of her head turn blonde and the different colored area moves around, continuously changing in color to red, lighter blonde, etc.

13 April.

I’m a worrier in a jungle country. It’s wet and warm with lots of fog and rain.
There is a threat coming and I am preparing by standing in the middle of 3-foot matrix of cubicles made out of sticks. There are 9 boxes and I stand in the center one.
The strategy seems to be wearing a grass-covered skirt and setting it on fire. The cubicle prevents the fire from spreading, but if I open things up at just the right time the balance between the dampness and the fire will repulse the enemy somehow. There is a female assistant under by skirt who helps with this.

14 April.

In a small theater. Obscene events are going on. Men have poles with dildos on the end and they are poking them through holes in the screen into various holes in a woman’s butt. Looking behind the curtain, I see it’s not a woman at all but a construct of clothing and material made up for the purpose. I want to escape the carnage and I find myself skating on a wide boulevard, seemingly on roller-blades. A man is there to guide and encourage me. I feel better.

15 April.

I’m in a large, cluttered, and somewhat dirty co-ed frat house. It’s busy there, and I want to take a shower. There is only one bathroom and it’s occupied. I’m looking around and I see an ugly black student just waking from sleep. He’s on a mattress on the floor next to another bed. I finally get into the shower but I cannot find soap or shampoo. There are supplies there but no soap, just sandpaper and hair gels. I take a shower, then look to get dressed.

There’s a driver with a huge truck. He’s delivering foodstuffs and pallets of 6×10-foot plywood. He has to drove over a hilly mud road to get the the highway, the truck hitting branches on the trees to get through, but he makes it.

16 April.

On a crowded bus. A guy named Zippy (?) is on the bus too. He’s kind of a low class drunk and hanger on, but I get along OK with him. Others don’t like him.

A friend on the bus tells me about a woman who wants to start a web page and he asks if I can help. I tell him the easiest way is to enroll in one of the “free” web page producers that post ads on your site and charge only a minimal fee to have the ads removed and to get a dedicated domain page. I said I can help her, but the bus is going deeper down hill into the downtown are of the city. I went to get back, to get out.
I find a cab garage and one of the drivers agrees to take me as a fare.

Eager to get out of there, but somehow I find myself in a long corridor being followed by a husky man and his teenage son. I sense malice from them and run away, but my legs feel weak and I’m slow at running. I do get away and then wake up.

I feel the advice on the web page has something to do with my own quest for a blog or web page about spiritual matters, starseed inoformation.

17 April.

I’m in the passenger seat of a car as friend LM is driving. She’s adjusting the seat cushion under her, saying it’s a $500 cushion. She received it as a gift from some business venture that shares profits with its customers. It looks like a regular $20 cushion to to me, so I think she’s being cheated. There’s a party at her house. I see a young blonde boy leaving. I leave to go home and realize I have one of her pots with me. I must have taken it by mistake. I look inside and realize it’s a water-covered roast that she’s preparing for the party. Somehow the roast has fallen out of the pot and it’s dry now and mixed with dirt. I see ants and little critters crawling all over it. Wonder how anyone would want to eat that. I wake up thinking this is dietary advice against eating red meat.

19 April.

I’m with two other guys visiting a brothel in Mexico. It’s sleazy and repulsive.
In a small room where they have the prices printed on the wall. It’s about $300 to be with a woman, but there are all sorts of fees and extra charges, such as tip $60, towels, $85, etc. so the total cost is about $500. I want to escape and I get out of there.

20 April.

In church, Trinity, but it’s smaller and older. I cannot find a seat, it’s so full. I finally find a place in the front row. I feel this is good as I can be close to the minister.

I see a child or small woman in a pair of sweat pants. I see three small orbs near the gluetus maximus. One is colored sky blue, one flesh colored, and one charcoal. I wake up feeling these refer to chakra centers.

21 April

Seeing loaves of bread and rolls. I wake up thinking that again I’m getting dietary advice.

I see what looks like garden hoses laid out in a square pattern among grass and small trees. It feels like a puzzle; like one of the sudoku puzzles I play every day.

I’m at a street market in a third world country. A somewhat sleazy vendor is selling some kind of lotion. He puts it on my arm. My arm feels like it is swelling. I wake up and notice my arm is half asleep from sleeping on it in an awkward position.

22 April – nil.

23 April.

I see strands of what looks like spaghetti moving around and splitting, realigning. I realize this is reflecting the splitting of cells where the genes replicate. It’s fascinating.

(Recently watched PBS documentary on genes by Ken Burns.)

I’m looking down on a beach, from an aerial view. People have hexagonal red beach umbrellas. As they gather together, from the birds-eye view, I see the hexagons align with each other to form a pattern. It seems this is reflecting the the formation of crystal, quartz crystals. (A subject I have been studying recently.)

24 April.

I’m downstairs in a two-story theater. I prepare a bowl of ice cream to take to my seat and watch a play. The bowl seems to have ice sloshing around in it making a noise. Someone complains of the noise, so I don’t eat it.

There’s a sexy, dark-haired, islander type native inside my guitar case. She unzips and steps out with a bottle of red wine. She’s mirthful because we both know it’s a joke of some kind, silly.

25 April.

I’m at a car repair shop. They say it will take a few days to get the car back. But two things are going on: 1. I’m supposed to go on a trip with CM, my wife, and 2.) I’ve got to get back to work soon. I’m considering not getting the repairs so I can take care of the things I need to do. Another plan emerges where I injure the hand of the repairman so he won’t be able to work on the car. The repairman turns into a police officer, so this is risky.

CM wants me to move out. A small apartment becomes available on the main street, not far from where I work. An old lady lives there now. I am shown a big outdoor area at the side of the house with big windows looking out onto a busy street. The windows are huge, so people can see in, too. Thinking I might have to put up screens.

Then I wonder: Wait! I don’t want to move out. I cannot afford an apartment. I’m not even working! I go into a crowded cafe. Nurses are just coming out with full protective gowns on and face masks. I tell them how good they are doing, and that I was a nurse once. I start to tell them of nurses working three 12-hour shifts and getting paid for 40 hours, and then some work TWO jobs like that, so 72 hours in a week. Seems exhausting.

28 April.

I’m working with Trump on a business project as one of his aides. (Totally out of character for me!) We are opening businesses up on the top of three huge towers. They may include restaurants on the penthouse level. There’s a facade on each one and the wind is rattling them. On the floor is all kinds of junk including dead animals. I see what looks like a giant hairless rat. Next to it is a pig. I think the pig is dead, because it has black flies buzzing all around its head. Then, however, it moves and flops about. There is a feeling we have to get rid of the dead animals. They want to throw the pig off the roof, but it’s so high up that the splatter would reveal the gross nature of the restaurant. Now I’m not even sure the rat is dead or the pig is dead. They want me to stab them with a pointed metal bar, but I can’t; it’s too evil and disgusting.

Note: I’ve been trying to reach a point where I don’t hate Trump.

30 April.

I see four balls of fire, about tennis ball size, across the top of my chest.

Dreams: March 2020

March 4

In a caravan crossing the mountains.

Lots of robbers and crooks around.

Damp, wet climate. Feels like Asia.

Wet, windy climate blows a young boy off a rock, injuring him.

In China in a restrictive environment.
I give a token to a girl. Can I buy one of the foil post-cards? No.

My son D. riding an animal; first a pig, then a goat, then long-necked animal.

He has broken his nose and it’s bleeding.
Blood is on the neck of the animal.

(When I wake up my nose is sore.)

March 7, 2020

I meet two aliens dressed all in red, with hoods. I do not see their faces.

They are showing me devices attached to their hands. It seems to be some kind of communication device. It is red, like their robes and looks like a flat disc with rounded pole in the middle, like the tool you use in air hockey.

They seem to be telling me about their exquisite sense of smell. It is more limited than humans but also more acute. Their noses have tiny cones inside that sense smells. They expose me to four sample aromas, but they all smell the same to me.

March 9, 2020

Me and others are trying to start an IV. The letters TOUCH appear.
There is a certain formula that has to be used, but not sure what it is.

March 10

Working as a nurse. Night shift; difficulty dispensing medications.
Too many visitors. I examine discarded patient food.
Disgusting plastic bags with half eaten food.

March 12

At a picnic table at my house. We are having a party.

Friend MP seated across from me. I ask,
“Do you want some eggs?” “Sunny side up or scrambled?”

People sleeping in chairs after the party.

There’s only a little food around but I find a loaf of raisin bread up in the cabinet.

March 13.

At a park. Cannot decide if I am there for Waymarking (internet game) pictures or for metal detecting. I see a lot of statues and icons, so I go for the Waymarking pictures.

Looking up old friend from earthquake prediction group. No one in that apartment. These two really retarded guys grab my attention and won’t stop talking with me, but I finally extract myself.

March 15

In school, taking a test.
I feel unprepared and running out of time.

There are 4 large problems to solve and an essay question at the end.

March 19

Gang of tough guys looking to beat me up.

March 20.

Two old, fat ladies, trying to be sexy. One has a man who turns out to be John Kennedy.

March 21.

I see models of multi-atom molecules. The idea comes to me that we should hit them with a laser. The laser should enhance some property, maybe in the return to the stable state when the laser is removed.

The word “mono-filament” comes to mind, as if it will produce a very strong fiber.

I’m outside near a park complex watching amateur sport games. One of the games is archery and a fellow has shot an arrow up in the air as part of practice. He says it should come down any second, so I take cover under a building eave. The arrow comes down a few hundred feet away on a hill side.

I decide to continue watching the archery competition. As it begins, several players are running near me. I am suddenly hit by the side of an errant arrow. I yell at them that they should be more careful. To my surprise, a short younger woman yells back at me to stay out of their way. I’m considering complaining to their organizer.

March 22.

In a class; all adults.
Someone is explaining and demonstrating three lobes of the brain, and a smaller portion at the base of each of them called the “pixie.” I think there’s going to be a test on this. But then, there are two people with small stringed instruments in the class. One has what looks like a regular ukulele, while the other on has a fancy electronic version. They start playing and before too long the whole class is singing.

March 23.

On top of a high tower. Looking down, some man has either jumped from the tower and died or was hit by a car. I hang my camera over the edge to get pictures and video of officials working the scene.

Waking download: I should start a web page with videos explaining the spiritual significance of the current coronavirus situation.

I see a very beautiful French woman. Her face is exquisite. Another woman comes in to a stage setting with her. The second woman is not as pretty but has huge boobs. A man is putting her on the stage to do a striptease. I feel the first woman is real beauty and the second is just a tempting seductress.

I’m at work at a new job. Around a conference table. Most of the workers are young white males in their mid-20s. I want to fit in and not make a fool of myself. Some of the men and one of their hanger-on girlfriends take a break into a back room. The men are doing a simple Irish dance and they are planning to pee onto a tree; a form of male bonding I guess. The female feels uncomfortable and leaves. Not sure I want to be part of it either, but there is a slight peer pressure to fit in for work purposes.

March 24

In a group of men, part of some kind of club. As we get back to the club-house they undergo a silly ritual of resetting the clock on the entrance door. It’s a long, senseless process. People write notes about doing away with this unnecessary ritual. They write their notes on the side of a plastic bag. I write my opinion too, but being in a hurry and an awkward position, my handwriting is unclear. Another note above mine says the same thing; to abolish the practice. I use the bag to fill it with trash. It’s mostly food-related garbage. Now there are two bags of garbage. I wake up thinking the garbage refers to my eating habits, eating too much junk food.

March 29 (?)

I’m writing a novel. I see all the characters in the novel and I am reviewing their motivations, to prepare for the text. I see paths in the grass. I feel these are the paths that the different characters will be taking in the novel and how some of their paths cross. It seem to be an exercise in envisioning a complex web of interactions between the characters.

March 30 (?)

I’m an electrician. I’m given an assignment to put a new circuit into the wall of a building. I hike up the hill to the building. It’s like putting in a new fuse box or something. A new electrical line.

On waking I feel this is related to the spiritual videos that I have been watching at night which tell of mankind being upgraded to “5D” awakening.

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